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City of Arcata


Arcata, which was incorporated as the Town of Union in 1858, stretches along the northern curve of Humboldt Bay. Community activities are focused around the historic Arcata Plaza, much as they were in the town's early years. Arcata's unique atmosphere results from a blend of traditional and alternative lifestyles and the lively presence of Humboldt State University students. Over a third of the city's land is designated as open space, including America's first community owned forest and the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary - a popular recreation area and the city's secondary wastewater treatment system. Arcata is home to about 78% of the county's niche manufacturing jobs and 43% of its employers. The city operated Foodworks Culinary Center supports 27 niche food businesses - a major economic growth sector. Arcata's political life is characterized by active citizen engagement that continues to shape the city's goals and future direction.

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