Cyber Coverage

Attention members of the public: If you wish to file a claim against a city/town, please contact the city/town directly.  The information is for REMIF members only.   

For REMIF members:

I.  In the event of a cyber loss:

  1. Follow your organizations procedures for reporting and responding to an incident
  2. Alert authorities, as appropriate
  3. Report the incident to the Beazley Group immediately by completing this form (see page 2): How to file a cyber claim and e-mailing to [email protected], with a cc to [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected], and [email protected].  
  4. All Cyber losses must be reported as soon as practicable upon knowledge that a loss has occurred. Be prepared to give basic information about the location and nature of the incident, as well as steps which have been taken in response to the incident.
  5. SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING PRIVACY NOTIFICATION COSTS: The policy provides a $500,000 Aggregate Limit for Privacy Notification Costs. If you utilize a Beazley vendor, the limit is increased to $1,000,000. Please contact Beazley for a list of approved vendors.

II.   Do you need policy information?

Please contact [email protected]

III.   What is my city's/town's deductible?

Please contact [email protected]